Video slots are some of the gambling games that are easy to play. They need no prior training or experience to play. But playing and winning are two different things. Luckily, here are some tips you can use as you play NetEnt slots at 1netentcasino and increase your chances of winning like a pro.


NetEnt Slots Game Selection

NetEnt has created over 100 slots and the games come with unique themes ranging from folklore titles such as Jack and the Beanstalk to modern time action sensations such as Planet of the Apes. Your path to winning big with NetEnt video slots at swantonwindvt starts with choosing the right slot game.

This is because NetEnt video slots have varying chances of winning. Understanding the salient features of a slot such as Return To Player percentage, game volatility and the hit frequency of the slot's special features helps you to develop a strategy. These parameters dictate your approach when you intend to play and win a slot game.

Understanding Video Slot RTP

Return to Player is the value to expect to get back after playing a slot game over a long time. For a game with 95% RTP, you should expect a win of €95 with bets worth €1. However, this is not to be translated literary. You may need to wager hundreds of bets before landing such as win.

Video Slot Hit Frequency Explained

Another important parameter you need to understand is the hit frequency of a slot. This is simply how often you land a win. If a video slot has a hit frequency of 30%, it means you will land a win approximately 30% of the times you spin. A slot's hit frequency is tied to how much you can win.

How Slot Volatility Affects Your Winning

The volatility of a video slot measures how long you can play before landing a win. High volatile slots have long winless spells but the wins are usually big such as jackpots. On the other hand, low volatile games have frequent but small wins. Thus high volatile slots need time and decent account balance for consecutive big wins.

Video Slot special Features

When selecting a video slot, it is wise to examine and try it in demo mode to help you understand its special feature - if any, and how they are triggered to give you big wins. This information is important in helping you play the video slot games from a point of knowledge

What Your Balance Means

When it comes to laying video slots, your bankroll balance has a huge significance in whether you will win or lose a game. For, if your balance cannot secure you more than 100 bets, then your chances of landing a big win are very slim. Therefore make sure you account balance can give you between 100 and 200 bets.

To achieve this, you may need to reduce your bet size downwards. Although this reduces the total amount of your winnings, it allows you to play through winless spells of high volatile games. With luck, you can land consecutive big wins. This means that you will be able to grow wagering balance over time.

Bankroll Management Skills

Remember that when playing slot games your opponent is the software. It classifies gamers based on their account balance and the amount of the size of their bets. To beat the software, your balance must last long enough to survive the long periods between jackpot wins. Games with big jackpots have low hit frequencies.

Final Thoughts on PLaying NetEnt Slots

To win Netent slots, seek to understand the salients features of the game such as RTP, volatility and hit frequency to help you pick games that increase your chances of landing a big win. Also, make sure you have the time and balance that allows you to play through winless spells long enough to win big.